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Our activities

With a century of experience in maritime works, highly qualified personnel, and a large range of equipment,  Jean Negri and sons are involved in different activities.

The company, which was originally specialized in underwater works, has been able to diversify its activity throughout its existence to acquire important know-how in the field of marine engineering. Thanks to its high degree of expertise, specialization, and the quality of its equipment, the company cultivates excellence and has a solid reputation in France and abroad. By taking customer needs into account through our engineering, EJN NEGRI is able to advise, design, dimension, and build for its customers an infrastructure with a low cost of ownership. The company accompanies its clients in their dealings with public, private, or international financial backers in order to propose financing solutions.

Select a category below and discover our activities

Pile-driving Pile-driving
Marine Civil Engineering Marine Civil Engineering
Breakwater and shore protection maintenance Breakwater and shore protection maintenance
Offshore geotechnical investigation Offshore geotechnical investigation
Underwater work Underwater work
Outfall and cable laying Outfall and cable laying
Dredging and reclamation Dredging and reclamation
Refloating, lifting and wreck removal Refloating, lifting and wreck removal


EJN NEGRI has its own technical design office and technical department dedicated to maritime civil engineering works. The team, made up of engineers and draughtsmen, is involved in the design of maritime works in terms of construction methods as well as in the development of equipment.

Creation, innovation, preparation, and optimization are the keys to our success.


Types of work:

  • Pile Dock
  • Sheet pile quay, combi wall
  • Heavy prefabricated elements

Types of calculation:

  • Static and seismic calculations of quays
  • Calculation of weight docks
  • Calculation of docks on piles
  • Curtain calculations by MISS or MEL method
  • Calculations taking into account the phase of realization (prefabrication, number of concrete lifts, etc…)


Driving work involves the insertion of piles foundation, profile construction, or sheet piles into the ground by jacking, vibration, or impact driving methods. These structures generally form the foundations of docks and dolphins. Properly dimensioned, metal foundations are durable even in a marine environment. This solution is an economical alternative to drilled concrete piles.

We have a complete range of pile-driving equipment at our disposal which allows us to deliver quality works in the shortest possible time.

Jack-up platform

travaux de battage

Marine Civil Engineering

Maritime Civil Engineering works require a skillfully orchestrated preparation and logistics to achieve projects at the highest levels of quality, security, and lead times. The company has a great deal of design freedom thanks to its large lifting capacities. This enables us to deliver to customers a high quality structure built quickly.

Floating pontoon


Breakwater and shore protection maintenance

These protective dykes and harbour jetties are used to protect a port or part of a port from the actions of the swell. Essential to the proper operation of ports, these artificial structures are subject to degradation and require regular maintenance to guarantee their life for more than a hundred years. The Negri company has a great know-how in this type of work. We have been actively involved in the maintenance and improvement of the seawall off the port of Marseille for more than 40 years.

Floating platform

entretien berges travaux maritimes

Offshore geotechnical investigation

With its know-how in the construction of maritime structures, our team of experts and seamen participate in investigations and the recommendation of the most appropriate solutions in terms of maritime geotechnics in mainland France, overseas and Africa.

The use of a perfectly stable self-elevating platform allows us to carry out high quality investigations.

Jack-up platform


Underwater work

The history of the Negri company is closely linked to Underwater Works. Essential to the execution of marine works, our divers control and analyze the progress of our works.

We are particularly involved in underwater cutting yards for the removal of wreckage or port infrastructure.

Floating platform


Outfall and cable laying

A pipe of up to 3 metres in diameter, it is installed on the shore to allow the suction or discharge of water. It is used in thermal power stations, water treatment plants or desalination plants.

Negri controls the entire chain from design to installation, reception and maintenance of the pipe. This allows us to control costs and to offer customers the solution best suited to their needs and at the best price.

Floating pontoon


Dredging and reclamation

Dredging is a fundamental activity for the maintenance of wharves and marinas. With our equipment (CSD dredger, pontoon cranes and barges) we intervene for the cleaning of wharf legs, maintenance dredging of marinas, maintenance dredging of commercial ports and coastal shelters as well as beach resurfacing.

For the extension or creation of new port infrastructures, our mastery of this activity enables us to deliver ready-to-use projects to our clients.



Refloating, lifting and wreck removal

The capacities of Negri equipment allow to lift parts up to 200 tons. These tools, as well as the professionalism of the crews who operate them, have made it possible to lift many wrecks and to install many heavy and bulky loads.

Floating pontoon