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Our projects

Our know-how in the maritime construction industry allows intervening for the maintenance, extension, or creation of maritime infrastructure. Since the 2000s, we have been operating around the Mediterranean as well as in Africa on commercial ports and quays, military ports, mineral or oil terminals, marinas, and shipyards.

Alone or in partnership, we work on major projects in France and abroad. We are involved in projects ranging from 1 to 100 million euros.

The quality of the projects we design and built, as well as the quality of the relationship we maintain with our clients, lead to a close and trusting collaboration.

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Cofferdams are temporary watertight structures that encircle the construction site so that dry construction work can be carried out. Temporary booms are a kind of temporary bridge that allow the construction of permanent structures without the use of maritime means. Negri intervenes right from the design phase to optimize the construction of these temporary structures.
With a fleet of equipment consisting of pontoon cranes, barges, geostationary dredgers (CSD dredgers), we intervene for the cleaning of wharf footings, maintenance dredging of marinas, maintenance dredging of commercial harbors and coastal shelters as well as beach nourishment.
A breakwater is a raised structure used to protect harbours from marine movement or to protect land from flood risk. For more than 40 years, the Port of Marseille has trusted Negri to take care of the maintenance of coastal dikes of the large port of the city.
Docks in marinas are usually equipped with floating pontoons that move with the current tide along with a pile. Negri equips marinas in partnership with the largest French manufacturers.
Mineral and petroleum terminals are generally made up of structures such as dolphin docks that do not have a superstructure for storage. Berthing and mooring dolphins are frequently used in these terminals. Negri is recognized for the ingenuity of the solutions implemented, which allow the work to be carried out while maintaining terminal operations.
The performance and technical characteristics of Negri's self-lifting pontoons allow them to meet the most demanding technical specifications. Modular in the form of caissons or monohulls, the capacities of the self-elevating platforms vary from 80 to 400 tons with surfaces up to 600 m², thus allowing to offer complete and efficient solutions to the specific requests of the customers. They reach exposed sites or sites that are difficult to access by sea or land.