Company overview

Our history

  • EJN NEGRI was founded in 1928 by Mr Jean NEGRI, a diver from Marseille.
  • After the Second World War, during which it showed real patriotism, the company worked in wreck recovery and ship repair. In the 1960s, EJN NEGRI completed its activity by introducing dikes maintenance and investing in a fleet of crane pontoons.
  • At the end of the 1990s, the Negri company became a member of the ETPO group, a family civil engineering and marine works company in Nantes, which has been in existence since 1913. Negri thus benefits from powerful support enabling it to collaborate on large-scale works and to develop its maritime works activity.
  • In 2012, Negri set up in Morocco through its Casablanca branch. Today the company Jean Negri et fils carries out projects in the south of France and in many countries in Africa.

Negri maintains a close and continuous relationship with its customers, a long-term vision in the spirit of French entrepreneurship.

ETPO group

  • The ETPO Group is an independent, family-owned company with 630 employees.

Historically specializing in the construction of maritime infrastructures, over the years the Group has extended its areas of expertise to include engineering structures, industrial civil engineering, the construction of new buildings, as well as rehabilitation and property development.

  • It follows the evolution of the construction trades thanks to its own design office, its methods departments, and its BIM units that support the teams serving its customers on a daily basis.
  • Among the main French players in marine, river, and submarine works, the ETPO Group, which generates 25% of its turnover in marine and river works, stands out for its engineering capacities, its state-of-the-art equipment, and its ambitions.
  • The Group is present throughout mainland France and in the French overseas departments. It is also expanding internationally, particularly in Canada and West Africa.

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Respecting the company’s commitments to its customers, employees and partners is fundamental. It is the basis of a long-lasting relationship and it is what allows each party to give the best of themselves by contracting and working in a climate of total trust. It is the basis of successful projects, and this respect for commitments is our pride.

Our values

Entrepreneurial spirit

The development and sustainability of the company requires pushing back the boundaries, whether geographical, technological or human. This entrepreneurial spirit ensures that our clients have access to the best services and that our employees have the opportunity to express their talents. This entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of the economic performance we strive for.


Innovation and anticipation are essential in a constantly changing world. The company’s teams are committed to creating and seizing development opportunities while maintaining a curious view of the world and the needs of their customers. This agility is a challenge, but it is the basis of our success.

Our commitments

Respect the world in which we operate: Our staff, our partners, civil society, and the environment are the world we must respect. It is a constant preoccupation for us, whether on or underwater.

To act with reactivity to satisfy the needs of our customers: We commit ourselves to study the projects with care and passion and to offer you the best existing solutions.

Building strong relationships: The quality and care taken in the design and construction of our works are our first commitment. Caring for our clients and actively seeking solutions when difficulties arise enable us to build long-term relationships.

Staying efficient: Thoughtful investment and the development of our know-how will allow us to be and remain efficient.

Activity and expertise

As a specialist in the field of maritime works, the company brings its added value in specific activities such as maritime pile driving, dolphins, port facilities or revetment.

Self-elevating or floating pontoons, tugs, cranes, hydraulic hammers, this set of equipment, sometimes designed by our development offices, is put at the service of our teams.

Community Involvement

NEGRI’s corporate social responsibility is formalized by the commitment of its management.

These commitments are dictated by the safety objective that the company has set itself.

NEGRI rigorously uses and applies the procedures and documents resulting from the ETPO company’s “Quality Safety Environment” system, which is ISO 9001 version 2000 and ISO 14001 certified.

The results of this commitment to the quality of built works are very concrete for our customers:

  • For more than 20 years, no at-fault claims have been reported to the insurance companies on the works we have built.
  • 100% first-aid workers in our site teams.
  • Strict compliance with the elements of the CCTG (Cahier des Clauses Techniques Générales) and the standards laying down the technical provisions applicable to our services.
  • The teams used to carry out the works have a thorough knowledge of the techniques and materials used. This knowledge, experience, and mutual trust constitute “the best form of safety”.