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Dredging of the port of Barcares

In 2020, the company Dragage Marine Assistance participates in the dredging of the Port of Barcares.
After the storm Gloria at the beginning of 2020, the entrance to the port was totally obstructed. Large quantities of sand had to be removed by hydraulic dredging in order to restore the port’s draught and to allow the navigation of both professionals and yachtsmen.
After analysis, the recharging of the beach is therefore authorized, on the beach in deficit. The Miramar’s beach is currently short of materials due to recurrent erosion caused by successive waves. The sediments dredged in the entrance channel area will therefore allow this beach to be reloaded. This contribution will restore the beach width and protect shoreline dwellings through its buffer role.
This project consists of taking sand using our Cypriane suction dredger to return the sand in the discharge pipes to a wiping basin created on the beach to be recharged. The sand must be dewatered and then leveled in order to return the beach to its usual function of welcoming the public.

Bacares, France