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ITER wharf

Construction of a pile pier and several berthing/mooring dolphins at the Port de la Pointe in the Etang de Berre, Lyondell-Basel petrochemical site, as part of the ITER project. This is a “roll-on/roll-off” type structure to allow the unloading and transport of very large cargoes coming from all over the world to the Cadarache site by means of a multi-wheel rolling convoy. The 800 m² structure is supported by 36 piles with a diameter of 1067 mm and a length of 24 m, which were installed by means of a diesel hammer mounted on a sliding mast, by sea. The structure consists of prefabricated beams and slabs sealed on the piles. Sheet pile support was also required in the vicinity of sensitive existing structures. It should be noted that the construction of this structure was carried out under difficult technical conditions in the middle of an active petrochemical site in the immediate vicinity of the pipelines in service.

Toulon, France