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Rehabilitation of Port la Nouvelle Substation D2

The Négri company has rebuilt the D2 substation at the Port La Nouvelle oil harbor. This is an oil terminal that can accommodate ships of up to 19,000 T displacement.
The works consisted of the driving by the water of 6 piles diam.1420 of 25 m equipped with 3 torsion plates with truncated cone fenders (diameter 1300) and shields (3m x 3m) constituting 3 bi-tube mooring dolphins.
Each of these dolphins was then equipped with platforms and 100T mooring hooks. The substation was completed with 2 x 16 m diam.609 piles supporting footbridges and 2 x 18 m access footbridges.
Finally, 2 piles diam.1220 of 10 m were driven on the ground and concreted with 50T bolts.

Port la Nouvelle, France